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People can do whatever the hell they want to do to me, but if they even so much as think about touching my family; I'll kill them. I guess that's why I'm here tonight then, isn't it? I let out a laugh, I couldn't see or hear but this was all part of the sacrifice. Part of the sacrifice to save my family.

I'm a violent person, unique in my own little way. But lately, something has changed; I've really, and I mean really, have wanted to knock someone out. I've wanted to make people shut up around me, wanted everything to just be silent so I could hear the things that actually mattered. I've hit people, I've been proud of the fact that they fear me, proud that they fear my name. I've never really thought about why I was like this, it never really occured to me that I was host to another guest. It never really occured to me that I was more than one, more than one person.

Is that also why we're here tongiht? That was her, Myrrin, my; passenger, bestfriend and me.

I would say something back to her, but she is in my head and my body, she will know the answer without me speaking it. One of the reasons I felt so attached to Myrrin is because she always knew what I liked, what I didn't like or how I would react to things and what I felt towards others. Myrrin knew how to calm me down and she knew how to stop me from hitting someone.

"Are you willing to trade your soul, for the continuation of your family's lives?" The voice was male, deep and full of hatred. The voice made me feel angry, made me want to leap up and break something. But at the same time, I didn't mind that the voice was here, it felt like someone else knew what it was like to be me. It seemed as if this person understood me.

Are you sure you want to do this? If you sell your soul you give away a part of me as well. You will- we will - never be the same. W'll never get to see our family again. I knew Myrrin was concerned for me, I knew what the risks were but could I live on knowing that they died because of me? Myrrin already knew the answer to that one. She knew that I was determined to change this. I was ready to become one of the nightmares that little girls are afraid of, ready to become a slave of the night. She was right though, I would never see my brothers again or my parents, aunts uncles grandparents. But I had to take the risk; I wasn't going to let them die.

We are going to run away from this eventually.

"We don't run away!" I hissed lethally, sure Myrrin knew what I was going to say but that doesn't mean that I don't need to make sure that she heard.

That's when I opened my eyes. I saw the sun at sunset, a deep orange and filled with the dawning of life. It was all a dream. But then I noticed the blazing heat on my skin, the smell of smoke and the feeling that I was in danger.

"Oh," This voice was the same male voice, only he sounded sweeter but his voice still held the hatred that was there before, 'you're awake. Faster than expected. That's good, no, that's really good."

I'm not sure I like him. Thanks for the input Myrrin.

"Now, Invidia, I understand that your named after the Goddess of Envy and Jealousy." His face appeared above my head, it was an earthy texture, like his skin was a real life map. It was amazing to actually see something like this, to know that it exists is just thrilling.

"It is, I'm amazed you know that. Not many people do." I muttered the last sentance biting my lip. I can't start babbling like an idiot now. Myrrin, it would be nice for youre help.

"I'm not people." He said smoothly with an edge of cunning in his voice. Was I to trust him, or not?

Please, for me, don't trust him yet. You don't even know his name or what he is. Myrrin, he's one of the Slaves. He's like me, like us. We're Slaves now too.

Doesn't mean I don't like him Myrrin never snaps at me but this was a first. Something must really be bugging her because she'd never snap at me like that. Never.

"I'm Diablo, and I welcome you to my part of the city. Of course, you and I are the only Slaves here at the moment but I'll recuit more later." His voice was hiding something, hiding something very important. He seemed too nice to be filled with hatred. He acted too polite to feel the constant loneliness that he would feel if he were really alone.

Now do you see why I want you to be careful? The one thing I hated about Myrrin; was the fact that she was always right.

"Is this really what the city looks like?" I asked, looking around at the volcanoes and fireballs which I thought were the dawning sun. The ground was cracked in several places like there had been one massive earthquake.

Or many.

"Underneath, yes. It still looks the same up there. All the lights and buildings, the <i.>people." He complained about every single mechanical or man-made thing for a while.

"Don't you think that the lights look pretty against the black of the sky?" I asked, curiously.

Diablo started to look angry.

Be careful where you step from now on, Invidia. I think this is dangerous.

"No, I think it looks hideous! Don't you want to see the true nature of things? Don't you like seeing the stars surrounding the moon?" He breathed heavily, like he was about to explose.

"I do, that's why I live-used to live in the country. You could here the crickets and the wind in the middle of the night and I used to watch the grass in the fields sway against the moonlight in perfect sychronisation. But the city is beautiful too because you can see what the country doesn't have. You experience the way the world has changed, evolved if you like." I was passionate about this and I just kept talking and talking.

Stop, you're getting distracted. Invidia, shut your mouth.

"Well, it's nice that you can see things from many different perspectives. But it's time we get you walking around, time to get you familiar with your new body." His earthy face sniled at me and dust slowly drifted away as the earth moved with his expression.

I wonder if there is a human face behind that. Myrrin often thought aloud but sometimes her thoughts were intriguing, unique and strange, but intriguing.
An insight to the way my mind sees things and percieves them
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Midnight-Specks Featured By Owner May 20, 2011  Professional General Artist
Is the picture by you, as well, my friend?
TheUndeniability Featured By Owner May 21, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
No, unfortunately.
Midnight-Specks Featured By Owner May 21, 2011  Professional General Artist
Was only curious. No harm. I really liked the first few paragraphs of your piece. The direction was evoking. I would recommend revising it, though, there are a few spelling errors throughout the piece, and a few broken pieces of code with the italics. That is all. Lovely work. ^^
TheUndeniability Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you very much!
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